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  • April 24, 2018

MPP Potts Continues Fight for Consumer Protection

Credit reporting legislation is latest effort to ensure Ontarians are treated fairly.



April 24, 2018


Yesterday in the Legislature, Bill 8, the Elevators & Credit Reporting Act, 2018, was debated and passed second reading. The bill will now move to committee and third reading.


The bill, if passed, will improve consumer access to their credit information and help protect consumers from credit fraud, integrating the key elements of MPP Arthur Potts’ Private Members Bill (Bill 167, Fairness in Consumer Reporting Act) that was tabled in 2017.


The proposed changes under the Access to Consumer Credit Reports and Elevator Availability Act would require certain credit reporting agencies to:

-       Give consumers online access to their current consumer score at least two times per year, free of charge;

-       Include in a consumer report information about any consumer scores given to third parties in the past 12 months;

-       Implement a credit freeze, at the request of a consumer to help reduce identity theft.


This is the fourth consumer protection bill that MPP Potts has championed. The other three are:

-       The Protecting Employees’ Tips Act, 2015, which amended the Employment Standards Act to stop owners from skimming gratuities given to servers and other workers;

-       The Child Care and Early Years Amendment Act (Child Care Waiting Lists), 2016, which prohibited daycares from charging non-refundable waitlist fees, resulting in regulatory changes by the Ministry of Education to prohibit the practice. The Bill originated from a meeting with constituents who had spent hundreds of dollars trying to secure spots for their children;

-       Bill 47, Protecting Rewards Points Act (Consumer Protection Amendment), 2016, which became law in December 2016 and convinced AirMiles not to expire their reward miles and loyalty points.




“Private Members Bills are difficult to get passed in the legislature. My record over the past four years demonstrates that when carefully conceived they can succeed and improve the laws of our province and the lives of our fellow citizens. I’m proud of the research and advocacy that my team and caucus have put into these bills, and I’m grateful to those that have inspired me to put these bills forward. Ontarians should be encouraged to bring their ideas and concerns to their MPP – we are here as their voice at Queen’s Park, and anyone can make a real difference in the lives of your fellow Ontarians!”

— Arthur Potts, MPP, Beaches-East York






Increasing Access to Consumer Reporting


Protecting Employees’ Tips


Banning Daycare Waitlist Fees


Protecting Reward Points


Improving Men’s Health






David Bellmore

Office of MPP Arthur Potts


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