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  • February 23, 2018

MPP Arthur Potts takes on PA Role in Ministry of Transportation

Continues as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change


MPP Arthur Potts (Beaches-East York) has accepted the role of Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation, adding to his existing duties within caucus. The Hon. Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Transportation, confirmed the appointment late last week.

MPP Potts continues to hold the role of Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, where he has been a lead advocate in the implementation of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. He previously was PA to the Minister of Agriculture, where he helped grow the profile of urban agriculture while championing craft beer and cider, and advising on food security.

The Minsitry of Transportation and Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change overlap in a number of key areas which led to the decision to add MPP Potts to the second role. Ontario’s efforts to combat climate change rely heavily on new modes of transportation, reducing the use of fossil fuels and expanding the availability and use of public transit. MPP Potts has proven highly effective in taking on multiple files and the second PA role will enable more intensive communications between the two minsitries on related issues and challenges in their respective mandates.

MPP Potts has been an effective legislator and local advocate during his first term in Provincial Parliament. He has introduced five Private Members Bills on tip sharing, childcare waitlist fees, men’s health, reward and loyalty programs, and credit report security; increased provincial grant applications and fundings from non-profits and community organizations in his riding; assisted in the financial rescue of the East York Canada Day parade, and played a key role in securing extensive funding for a major expansion of the Michael Garron Hospital.

The new responsibilities of the Parliamentary Assistant role will take effect immediately.


“The work being done by the Ministry of Transportation is critical to improving the lives of Ontarians, especially with respect to reducing our carbon footprint. Our government’s investments to support GO expansion, regional express rail, and fuel switching will help reduce our use of fossil fuels and help us fight climate change. Ontario is North America’s leader on both of these fronts and I’m honoured to take on the extra work load and help Ministers McGarry and Ballard as they bring important change to all of Ontario."

- MPP Arthur Potts, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change



Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Climate Change Action Plan

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