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  • July 04, 2016

MPP Potts Named Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Takes on key role implementing Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Arthur Potts, MPP for Beaches-East York, has been named Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. The announcement was made on Friday, June 24, and takes effect immediately.


As the new PA, MPP Potts will work with others to find solutions for the challenges of sustaining Ontario’s environment while creating opportunities for our province’s green technology industry. In particular, MPP Potts will help roll out the Climate Change Action Plan, Ontario’s five year plan to fight climate change, reduce greenhouse gas pollution and transition to a low-carbon economy.


Background & Bio


MPP Potts was elected as Member of Provincial Parliament for Beaches–East York on June 12, 2014. He began his career as a labour relations consultant with the Central Ontario Industrial Relations Institute and taught the subject at Seneca College. In 1989, he co-founded his first business – Wood Waste Solutions Inc. – a firm that specializes in wood waste management, recycling wood into usable end products. Wood Waste Solutions is still in operation today.


As a first-term MPP and former Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, MPP Potts has played an instrumental role in a number of provincial and local initiatives. His tipping legislation recently came into effect, protecting the incomes of Ontario servers and food service staff; he helped facilitate a $50 million donation to Toronto East General Hospital, now named for the donors’ late son, Michael Garron; he was instrumental in ending the unfair practice of charging non-refundable wait list fees to parents trying to access childcare; and he worked towards getting craft cider into farmers’ markets and grocery stores. He has been a strong voice in support of urban agriculture and food security, issues that also benefit Ontario’s environment by reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.


He is a proud father of two daughters – Robin and Dara – and lives in the Upper Beaches with his common-law partner Lisa Martin and her three children. A fly-fishing enthusiast, Arthur also enjoys sailing and plays hockey and tennis, where he is a member of Kew Gardens Tennis Club. 




“MPP Potts has been a tireless worker in caucus and was a strong advocate of Ontario’s food producers and the agriculture industry in his previous role. We’re very pleased to have him on board in our Ministry as we implement one of the most important pieces of legislation in decades.” 

— Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change


“I’m proud and excited to be taking on this role at such an important time for our province. Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is critical to our health, our industry, our economy, and our future, and I look forward to helping put the Plan into action.”

— Arthur Potts, MPP, Beaches-East York




  • The recently passed Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act required Ontario to develop a Climate Change Action Plan. This plan is to establish the long-term framework for action on climate change to ensure greenhouse gas pollution is reduced while boosting low-carbon innovation. The legislation also requires that the province specify how cap and trade proceeds will be used to reduce or support the reduction of greenhouse gas by investing in green projects.
  • Based on the timelines presented in this plan, the government will consult with stakeholders regarding the design and implementation of many of its policies and actions.
  • The plan also outlines an open and transparent process for how and when Ontario will move forward. Each year Ontario will invest in a suite of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, investments will be offset with cap and trade auction proceeds. Any spending will need to be authorized under the Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, and will be subject to approval by the legislature.
  • The action plan will serve as the foundation for making annual investment decisions and will be consulted on each time investment decisions are made.








David Bellmore, Executive Assistant to MPP Potts


C: 416.527.3982

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