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  • December 17, 2015

Beaches-East York Loblaws one of First Grocery Stores in Ontario to Sell Beer

MPP Potts makes announcement at Musgrave Street Loblaws

Musgrave Street Loblaws in Beaches-East York among first to sell Beer in Ontario

The government is delivering on its promise to allow beer sales in grocery stores by announcing the first 58 locations across the province where Ontarians will be able to buy beer. One of these locations is the Loblaws store at 50 Musgrave Street, near Victoria Park and Gerrard Avenues, in the riding of Beaches-East York in Toronto. 

On December 15, MPP Arthur Potts joined Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Finance Charles Sousa, and representatives from Ontario’s Craft Brewer community, to announce the 13 independent grocery stores and 45 stores owned by large grocers that are now authorized to sell beer. The following day MPP Potts shared the announcment personally with Musgrave Street Loblaws' store manager, Moe Rashid, and Sybil Taylor from Steam Whistle Brewery. This is the first round of Ontario’s commitment to make it more convenient for people to buy beer. Eventually, beer will be available at up to 450 grocery stores province-wide — roughly the same number of locations The Beer Store currently operates in Ontario – representing the biggest shakeup to beverage alcohol retailing in the province since prohibition was ended in 1927.

Ontario is expanding access responsibly. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, which visited all 58 locations as part of the authorization process, will now monitor them to ensure that they adhere to laws on the safe retail of alcohol. These include designated sales areas and hours of sale, limitations to package sizes and alcohol content by volume, and rigorous social responsibility training for staff.

 Giving consumers more choice and convenience, while creating a more level playing field for brewers, is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives and building a secure retirement savings plan. 


“Beer is here — in grocery stores just in time for the holidays. As we continue with the largest shakeup to beverage alcohol sales in Ontario since the end of Prohibition, people are going to enjoy increasingly convenient access to their favourite beers and more choice in where they can buy them. We are expanding the availability of beer in a prudent and socially responsible way. Wherever you buy beer, please continue to drink responsibly.”

–– Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

 “I’m very pleased that one of the first locations for selling beer in Ontario grocery stores will be right here in Beaches-East York. Our reform of beer sales will help drive innovation and create jobs in the province and the City of Toronto that will help both Ontario brewers and retail grocers. I am excited to see how this will expand convenience for the residents of our community.”

— Arthur Potts, MPP, Beaches-East York

“We know that when craft beer drinkers are among friends enjoying food, they most often choose craft beer to accompany their meal. How perfect then that Torontonians can peruse the beer displays at Loblaws while also shopping for tasty meal ideas or local, fresh ingredients! Steam Whistle Brewing is very grateful to the Liberal government and to Loblaws for such leadership in giving craft beer these new merchandising opportunities at grocery stores.”

— Sybil Taylor, first employee of Steam Whistle Brewing and member of the marketing team.






  • For a map and list of the 58 grocery store locations authorized to sell beer, visit Not every location will have beer available for sale today. Authorizations for two other locations are in process. Please contact individual grocers to confirm availability.

  • Grocers in every region of Ontario showed strong interest in selling beer. The process ensured fairness to grocers in each region.

    • To support Ontario’s vibrant craft beer industry, at least 20 per cent of grocers’ shelf space for beer will be dedicated to small brewers’ products.


  • The Premier’s Advisory Council on Government Assets consulted extensively with key grocer, brewer and social responsibility stakeholders to define a fair and socially responsible model for beer sales in grocery stores.


  • Ontario has also made significant progress to modernize beer retailing in other ways, such as a pilot of 12-pack sales at 10 LCBO stores; the launch of the first of 25 Craft Beer Zones in LCBO stores; free listings for Ontario brewers in The Beer Store network; and new on-site sales outlets for small brewers.


  • In September, Ontario finalized a series of agreements with The Beer Store to level the playing field for all brewers and create new opportunities for economic growth across the province. The agreements also retain a low-cost distribution system, which means Ontario consumers will continue to pay less for beer than the Canadian average.




Socially Responsible Retailing Requirements for Grocers Selling Beer

Grocery Store Eligibility and Fairness Criteria

Ontario’s Plan to Expand Beer Retailing




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